Point To Point

Securing every connection: building to building, off-site employees, point to cloud, and many more

Legacy Systems

Anything that works with TCP/IP protocol can be protected; if it plugs into the internet, we can protect it

Digital Sensors

Sensors are the foundation of network security systems; if you can’t trust your sensor data, you have no security

Embedded Systems

Encrypted sensors protect building systems, CCTV feeds, communications and additive manufacturing equipment

Real-Time Hardware Solution

Modern encryption has to be non-algebraic to secure data from quantum computing. Most current encryption techniques boil down to really hard math problems and quantum computers are really good at math problems.

A real-time encryption method that works on the bit level is the game-changing solution the cybersecurity industry has been waiting for. Real-time gives us the ability to secure drones, video conferencing, sensors, and manufacturing equipment.

Any modern encryption technique must have ever-changing variables without any interconnectivity. The base version of our encryption has over 10512 possible variations.

Having encryption happen in an FPGA chip provides a physical barrier in a digital world. Because the system is behind our physical security, upgrades can be done in a safe manner without exposing your system.

Having the FPGA chip in an independent system removes potential software backdoors. No more worries about a printer update creating a hole in the system.

Bandwidth Management Solution

Board of Advisors

Jay Abraham

Founder & CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc

Business performance coach with over 10,000 clients

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B. Keith (BK) Fulton

Chairman of Ario, LLC; Retired Mid-Atlantic Region Lead Executive, Verizon

Founding Chairman and CEO of Soulidifly Productions, LLC

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John Hayes

Chief marketing officer at American Express

Business advisor for strategy and growth to companies from startups to Fortune 100

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David A. Christian

Dominion Energy Chief Innovation Officer

Served as chief nuclear officer and CEO at all three Dominion operating units

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Hal Smith

Chief Operating Officer of Xator Corporation

Served as member and Chairman of the CIA External Advisory Board

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Lieutenant General (ret) Joe Martz

Martz & Associates Consulting, LLC

Advisory Board for American Corporate Partners

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Soldiers may 'wear' unhackable computers into combat

Kris Osborn / Sep 3, 2019

The age is fast emerging wherein forward-operating soldier sensors, weapons and networking technologies will all rely upon secure computing

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Artificial (AI) or machine learning is being used by military intelligence and at the high strategic level.

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Hardware-based Security (HARDSEC): From Theory to Practice

Journal of Cyber Policy / Oct 27, 2019

Encrypted Sensors takes a hardware-based, non-algebraic approach to securing data.

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